Mal Mann

Age: 58

The Challenge

Tried every diet with very little sustainable success

Our client Mal, age 58, came to us 6 months ago with a goal to lose 10 kg whilst also improving his overall strength and fitness. Like many of us, Mal found that putting work and family first meant that dedicating time to his own exercise regime took a back seat. In addition to noticing his body weight gradually increase, Mal started to encounter other issues such as a sore lower back and an elevating blood pressure reading that began taking a toll physically and mentally. Mal had tried various approaches over the years to lose body fat including bootcamps, diets and his own cardio program. However, he was missing the accountability to stick to a routine and found that he would find motivation in quiet periods and then lose it when life got busy again.

The Approach

Back to basics

Often, when we meet new clients we find that they overcomplicate fat loss and make it harder than it needs to be. We keep it simple and focus primarily on two things: training and nutrition. In our initial consultation with Mal we sat down and spoke about his goals and created a personalised training and food plan that was realistic in fitting around his busy schedule but that also helped him hit his goal in as little time as possible.

The Solution

Consistency of thoughts and actions

The thing we loved most about Mal’s journey was his attitude to change. He didn’t need to try fifty different diets and training challenges to see results. For Mal, it was about healthy eating habits and being held accountable to his training program each week. Mal’s consistency and motivation to hit his target weight meant that the actual process was easy, all he needed to do was put it into action. Since hitting his fitness goals and losing weight [10 kg] Mal now sits below 89 kg and falls within a normal blood pressure range which is a huge achievement that is helping him enjoy life. Congrats Mal!

The Experience

Lost 12kg in just under 6 months with blood pressure returning to a healthy range

“One of the best things I took from the Live Well personal training was that diet doesn’t have to be all chicken and kale. I learnt that my biggest barrier to success when it came to food was portion control. Once I began eating less in each meal and made an effort to monitor my carbs, protein and fat levels I began seeing great results without having to massively change the types of food I was eating. Once I partnered that with a consistent training program I started losing fat and getting less chronic pain in my back”Mal

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