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Finding The Right Personal Trainer: A Checklist


The following questions are designed to give you some brief answers you might need to decide to give Live Well a call or book your consultation session with us 

If you don't see the question you need answered here, please contact us and in the message section please ask us your question so we can help you make a great decision to start your health and fitness journey with us. Otherwise please know we will answer most if not all of these questions during your initial consultation before you even have to ask.

Are all Live Well Personal Trainers licensed and certified?

All Live Well Personal Trainers MUST be certified, and their certification at a minimum of at least Certification III & IV in Fitness. Their certification must come from a Registered Training Organisation and be presented if request. Each of our trainers also have a current First Aid Certificate.

How long has Live Well Personal Training been in the training business?

Live Well Personal Training Studio is a Personal Training and Small Group Facility in Chatswood. We provide personalised training, fitness and nutrition guidance. We attract people who are looking for accountability or community or both. Our Live Well Studio is a balance of both and that allows us to make fitness and health a valued and enjoyable part of your life, rather than a chore.

With over 12 years experience in the industry, we've designed the Live Well System of programming and support that allowed us to be 100% results driven and certain we can provide an outstanding progressive program for you.

Who will I be working with, and how do you decide who I will be working with?

One persons training sessions might be another person's nightmare. That's why we meet every new client in what we call our "Personal Attention Consultation". We want to make sure we understand your health history, personal diet and nutrition, exercise, training capabilities and limits.

Then together we choose your best qualified personal trainer who has the right certifications, experience and knowledge to give you the personal attention that will keep you motivated and progressing in all your one to one training sessions.

What if the coach I am assigned turns out to be a poor fit? How will you handle that?

You don’t want to feel stuck with someone that isn’t the best for you. It happens, and you want to be sure you can be matched with someone that is a better fit without ruffling any feathers.What, if any, dietary expertise do they have?

How long does it typically take to see new results?

Depending on your current health situation and your fitness goals, you'll need to commit to a minimum of 2-3 days of exercise each week to see results. At Live Well Personal Training we review each client on a case by case basis. Then we figure out the right combination of one-to-one sessions and group session, as well as time in the gym on your own. Once we find the right program and pace that meets your needs and goals, we want to get you consistent to you don't feel like you're starting all over again each and every time you come in for your workout.

How often will I see my Live Well Personal Trainer?

The ideal frequency of personal training sessions varies from person to person. For example each of the following scenarios needs different types of trainers and schedules.

  • Someone just getting started with exercise and healthy eating

  • Someone who needs more attention and assistance with staying motivated through tough times to get to their ideal weight

  • Someone who has an injury that their working through

With each of these seeing your personal trainer twice each week may be right for some, where three to four times might be idea for other clients.

Many clients reduce their frequency of personal training sessions to twice weekly or combine their weekly sessions with group training sessions once they've demonstrated the ability to consistently get to the gym and progress their exercises as recommended.

Where will our meetings/trainings be held?

Live Well Personal Training Studio is a Personal Training and Small Group Facility in Chatswood. What most people find interesting is that they haven't heard of Live Well before coming in for their consultation to start their personal training. This is due to the fact that the majority of our marketing and growth as a personal training studio comes from our happy clients recommending their friends and family, which we believe is a testament to not only Live Well's commitment to ensuring our clients get the high performance health, fitness and life they are seeking, but also to our the amazing personal trainers and group training instructors who understand how important real results are to our clients and members.

How do I join Live Well Personal Training's group training sessions?

When you decide Live Well Personal Training is right for you, you'll have a program designed specifically for you and your needs. It is common for our clients to start with a personal trainer in one-to-one sessions to develop their gym skills and progress towards their goal with confidence. Once they begin seeing results and feeling more confident they will naturally move to a blend of one-to-one and group sessions to further their progress. Other members just want the small group sessions and time alone in the private gym. Both options are available to our clients after we have accessed their situation, goals, abilities and preferences.

Do Live Well Personal Trainers have a proven track record with goals like mine?

This question is huge. Understanding our past successes with other clients ensures you will be know you are choosing to work with trainers that can help you no matter what level of health or experience you are starting with Live Well at. Good trainers can come up with programs for your goals, great trainers know how to adjust and change the plan to assure you achieve your goals.

How will you track my progress?

At Live Well Personal Training we believe things that get measured get managed. As an example checking your weight on the scale is a must, but it doesn’t tell the full picture. If you lose a kilo of body fat and put on a kilo of muscle, your body weight will stay the same. It’s important that not only your weight is being measured but also your body fat and muscle mass are being tracked accurately.

By combining tape measurements, pictures, workout specific measurements and body composition checks, we can ensures that you are getting the most accurate data regarding your progress. This is also an important factor in maintaining strong motivation as you progress towards your goal.

What is Live Well's approach to nutrition coaching?

We agree that proper nutrition is vital to reaching your goals, and a part of your personal trainer’s role. We always work to educate you on the best strategies to consider for your current lifestyle and for achieving your goals. Your trainer will discuss and provide suggested nutrition plans and guidelines for making better dietary choices, so you can feel confident in your nutrition even when coach isn’t around. Ultimately eating well is a personal habit that you must be willing to take responsibility for and work with your coach to develop.

What will my first day look like?

Your first day of training should be a lot of strategising with a little bit of exercise.

If your first training session is the first time meeting your trainer, then you want to take the time to get to know each other, explain your goals in depth, and come up with a plan to get you there.

Once you have clearly established your goals and our plans to achieve it, we will begin working at a pace you can be comfortable with so that you don’t wake up the next day too sore to get out of bed.

We use the Live Well 5% rule. It means that once we have a clear understanding of your current fitness level we will challenge you 5% above where you are today. This is just enough intensity to challenge you but not too much to discourage you.


How will you customise a program for me?

You are paying for one-on-one personal training. That means your program needs to be customised to give you, your starting point and your goals personal attention. The best way we've found to do this is to review with you your unique goals, history, current level of fitness, and from there decide on the best course of action that will move you towards your goals.

A great program is an ever-evolving plan that is regularly updated to reflect what you want. As your fitness level improves and you progress towards your goals it is highly likely that your preferences will change.


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