Live Well One-to-One Personal and Group Training Sessions To Meet Your Goals and Lifestyle.

The Best One to One and Group Personal Training In Chatswood!

One persons training sessions might be another person's nightmare. That's why we meet every new client in what we call our "Personal Attention Consultation". We want to make sure we understand your health history, personal diet and nutrition, exercise, training capabilities and limits.

Then together we choose your best qualified personal trainer who has the right certifications, experience and knowledge to give you the personal attention that will keep you motivated and progressing in all your one to one training sessions.


Your Fitness Transformation Roadmap

This is where your journey begins. You and your personal trainer will work together to break down your short and long term health, goals and choose the right times for your sessions, the best exercises and which workouts will create your progressive step-by-step program.

Small Group Personal Training Sessions

In our private coaching facility, you’ll be put through your paces in a safe, supportive environment where exercises are adjusted and recorded based off your progress for long-term results.  These are small group training sessions so you get the benefits of individual attention AND the supportive atmosphere of the group community.

One to one Nutrition Coaching

Is a service our clients can choose to use as part of their program to ensure all the work you’re putting in with your personal trainer is supported by your nutrition and the benefits will be reflected in your results. We don't use over restrictive diets or super strict eating regimes! You will take back control and maintain motivation with simple changes and on your terms, with our expert guidance.

Client Check-ins

to review exactly where we’re at compared to your health and fitness goals set within the transformation roadmap. We do this to keep you 100% on track, and make any adjustments we need so life never gets in the way of you and your goals again

A Covid-Secure Training environment

Being a private, client-only studio gives us the chance to be head and shoulders above the industry standards: with mask upon entry, socially distanced training pods (so you don't need to wear a mask when training!), no sharing of equipment within sessions, disinfecting systems between workouts and ample sanitizer stations around the gym, we put your health and safety first.

Body Scan

Available as part of your goal-setting process is your Body Composition Analyzer which we call the "Intelligent Body Scanner". It's a simple body scan that provides us detailed data about your body through more than 40 measurements.

We also have qualified personal trainers to help you reach every health and fitness goal:

  • Weight loss transformation specialists

  • Strength and conditioning coach

  • Group exercise instructors

  • Senior fitness specialists

  • Youth athletic and youth fitness specialists

  • Beginners Bodybuilding specialist

  • Corrective and rehabilitation exercise specialist

  • Health, nutrition and body scan specialists

Small Group Personal Training Sessions

Our group training sessions are a great way to compliment your private training sessions or you can join the group classes to further progress any fitness journey. Our group personal training classes are available to everyone as part of your Live Well membership and personal training program. Group numbers are capped at 10 people to ensure our trainers can cater to every individual’s fitness level. 

The difference in our small group sessions is they are circuit-style classes, which are more like semi-personal training sessions, which gives our classes a different vibe and allow our trainers to adjust the intensity for each individual. 

Group sessions include a mix of weights, body weight movements and cardio, and are equal parts fun and challenging. The workouts will quickly help increase your fitness and the group fun will keep coming back for more. 


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