Knee-Strengthening Exercises that are Joint-Friendly

When coming up with a fitness program to strengthen the body, we put emphasis on the major muscle groups such as the chest, core, hamstring, and quads. But many overlook the many benefits of incorporating knee exercises. The knee is a complex joint and when strengthened, it can help you achieve any fitness goal that […]

5 Ways Exercise Improves The Quality Of Your Life

Exercise not only helps you live longer, lose weight and increase muscle strength — it helps give you a better quality of life. Using a regular workout routine helps women and men in so many ways, so besides taking care of your fitness, what are the health benefits associated with moderate to vigorous activity? In […]

Strengthen Your Core with These Exercises

No matter what you are doing, standing, lying down, or standing, the force of gravity has an effect on our joints, muscles, and ligaments.  Our posture is our body’s alignment as well as positioning to make us look great and it also makes sure that we move efficiently so that no part of the body […]

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

There is much confusion on what would be the best food to eat pre and post-workout. Here are some tips on how to maximise the efficiency of your workout session and boost your recovery using your pre and post-workout meals. When you follow these tips, you can expect to Pre-Workout Nutrition If your fitness goal […]

Why Stretching is Important

A proper stretch before working out prepares your muscles before any routine, while stretching after exercising is more for recovery. Doing a single stretch helps the muscles, ligaments, and tendons more flexible but this is only good for a short time. Doing regular stretching will help in making the tissues grow and thus promote long […]

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