Strengthen Your Core with These Exercises

No matter what you are doing, standing, lying down, or standing, the force of gravity has an effect on our joints, muscles, and ligaments. 

Our posture is our body’s alignment as well as positioning to make us look great and it also makes sure that we move efficiently so that no part of the body is overstressed.

However, our posture suffers from our poor lifestyle choices as well as genetics. There are numerous routines that will improve posture by strengthening the muscles that provide support so we can stand straight and be able to pull our shoulders back.

Cable seated row S

Put a weight stack that you are comfortable with and with a close grip bar, grasp the bar, and keep your legs a little bent. Sit upright and pull your shoulders back and down. With this as your starting position, pull the handle towards your stomach and squeeze the shoulder blades together. Hold and then lower the weight back to your starting position. Keep your back straight during the entire routine. Repeat three sets of twelve.


This routine is great for the back and allows you to lean backward and use gravity to increase the intensity. Stand up facing the anchor point and lean back while keeping your arms straight and your palms facing each other. Keep your torso stiff and pull your body toward the anchor point. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and repeat.

Standing Cable Twist

This is amazing for your lower back and abdominals. Stand on one side of the cable at chest height. Keep your arms straight and your legs wide apart. Bend your knees and engage your core as you pull the cable across your body to the other side, twist your torso, and keep your arms straight.

Plank hold on a Swiss ball beginner

Place the ball so that the top of the chest is resting on the ball. Place your hands around the ball while you keep your body in a straight line. Put your feet on your toes and pull in your belly button towards the spine. Keep yourself in balance with the ball and your head in line with your back. Hold the pose. For a more advanced version, keep your arms straight while your hands are on the ball.

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